Vitamin C and Kidney Stones?

Myth Proven Wrong

Despite all high-dose Vitamin C used by Dr. Linus Pauling in his research, there was never an incident of kidney stones.

In fact, the following long-term study supported this observation:

A report of 85,557 women over a 14-year study period and the development of kidney stones was published in April 1999 in The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

The conclusion of the study stated the following:

“A total of 1078 incident cases of kidney stones was documented during the 14-yr follow-up period…vitamin C intake was not associated with risk.

The multivariate relative risk for women in the highest category of vitamin C intake (> or =1500 mg/d) compared with the lowest category (<250 mg/d) was 1.06 (95% confidence interval, 0.69 to 1.64).

Large doses of vitamin B6 may reduce the risk of kidney stone formation in women.

Routine restriction of vitamin C to prevent stone formation appears unwarranted.”

And in 2013…most people (including doctors) still believe that Vitamin C can cause kidney stones.

[Note the Vitamin B6 finding in this study. Interesting that Big Pharma is currently trying to Ban this very vitamin (see Big Pharma Wants Vitamin B6 Banned )!]

The myth of Vitamin C causing kidney stones is still alive and well even in some of the holistic community, and that is a shame.

Because a myth is all it is! 

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