1. Roberto Csiki
    December 27, 2013 @ 10:45 am

    I cannot thank you enough for all you do at exposing this ongoing monstrous cancer and disease lie for endless profits. I lost both my mother in 1996 to breast cancer chemical treatments, my father to lung cancer poisoning and my step mother to intestinal blockage over medication from a hernia operation plus two brother-in-laws, one to MS, over toxified to death the other to kidney complications, chemical poisoning also. The world needs to know the hard facts and truth. Everyone of these criminals should be hung for mass murder.

  2. jenelsonmusical@gmail.com' Jesse E. Nelson
    June 17, 2016 @ 5:13 pm

    Dr. Michelle Kmiec, I am with you for finding a cure for cancer, skin cancer, basal cell carsenoma, melonoma and other forms of cancer. I agree with you that the FDA is keeping the cure for cancer out of the USA because oncology is a money making business. I am sure that are a few sincere health care practictioners, Doctors and even some in the cancer treatment industry that would love to see their patients completely cured from this deadly disease! In short, there is a cure for cancer!!!!!! It has been proven over and over and over and over again…Now that I have your attention……You may already know about this but here goes….I will give you a few details but if you are really interested in finding a cure for CANCER….Please follow through with an open mind! It’s lie a parachute….It works best if it is open…Harry Hoxsey Cancer Clinic. This is the story of Harry M. Hoxsey, a former coal miner, who, in 1924 operated a cancer clinic using an herbal concoction handed down by his grandfather. But the history is soon obscured by a battle between Hoxsey and the then newly formed AMA. He eventually WON a slander suit against Dr. Morris Fishbien, head of the Journal of AMA. There was little doubt that Hoxsey was curing cancer, but he claimed that AMA OFFICIALS WENT AFTER HIM BECAUSE HE WOULD NOT SELL THEM HIS FORMULA! In the end, the FDA was brought into the act and closed Hoxsey down. One of his former nurses took the treatment to
    Mexico where American patients have sought help ever since. The human aspect of this program, therefore, is the story of one surviving Hoxsey clinic which flourishes in Tijuana today! phone number 011 52 (664) 684-9011…619-704-8442 or 619-407-7858
    Now Skin cancer…Almost the same story, FDA wants to keep the cure out of the USA…..Alpha omega labs Castilla 09 04 09p Guayaquil, Ecuador sell many herbal products… one of which i have been using for 22 years whenever I feel I need to. I was introduce to one of their herbal topical black salve called “Cansema” 22 years ago. I had five cancerous places on my shoulder … I’m not going to use the word “CURE” but we applies it according to their direction and my skin cancer disappeared and did not come back. Alpha omega labs were in the Bahamas then. Now they are in Ecuador in South America. I have used their procucts many times including the “Cansema” for skin cancer, basal cell carsenoma on my arm, nose, on my face and ears which my medical doctor told me it would not work on my ears…..Well I purchased cansema for about $25.00 plus shipping….Total $30.45 and my ear looked like a baby’s skin after a month and a half……Notice FDA I didn’t say “cure”…..Another way to get the point across is that my skin cancer went away and that has been three and a half years ago. Oh, I saw that doctor after that and show him my ear and there was no trace of skin cancer….He had to pick up his jaw off the floor and he didn’t want to talk about it…Well I followed this educated doctor until he sit down and I filled hi ears full. He just look embarrassed …He didn’t want to look me in the eyes. I told him that he needs to continue his education into alternative cures and treatments, not just pharmacuetical poison that All have some kind of side effects. I did tell him that the herbal remedy does have one side effect…..He said what? I said It works everytime a ta 100% cure rate. Now I have basal cell carsinoma on my right on my right ear and I was told that I would have to make an appointment to go see a dermatologist and get it cut off and maybe loose my earlobe …Well I used my “Cansema” I’ve had since 2014 and it is healing up like all the other places I had skin cancer. It will be healed up in about another 3 or 4 weeks with no trace of Basal cell carsenoma. Oh, and I spent a lot of money on it in 2014…$30.45 ….How much would the doctor charge me and my insurance company? Alpha omega labs 305 851-2308 or 800-860-6272 …Check it out. There has been a cure for cancer over 150 years.

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