Brocade 6 – Reaching Down to Dissipate Disease



Revitalizing Your Life Energy (Qi) Through Motion – Series


Begin in Qigong stance and then place your hands behind you and over the kidneys, which are below the two large back muscles.

As you exhale, trace your fingers down the backs of your legs as far down as you can comfortably go. Your spine should be soft and flexible. Make sure you do this slow enough so that you can feel your spine relaxing.

As you inhale trace your fingers up the inner legs finish by coming up on your toes.

Repeat 8 times and then end in Qigong stance.

The backs of the legs correspond with the urinary meridian and the inner legs to the kidney meridian.

This brocade is great for the kidneys, regulates energy and calms the spirit. It relates to the element of water and when in balance can provide tenacity, inner strength and a sense of belonging. It is associated with inner stillness and quietness.

Never having settled long enough on a career or life path, Elsa discovered Martial Arts and it transformed her life. The tenets of martial arts instilled in her the discipline, dedication, and perseverance that ultimately led her to become an International and National Martial Arts Champion.

Years later when she left the martial arts industry in search of a new and meaningful career, she discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine, first as a patient battling digestive and women’s issues, and later as a student.

From the beginning, she embraced a holistic approach to medicine along with traditional healing methods, and today she is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist. A natural born teacher she now wants to share her passion and knowledge with others!