Parsley: A Truly Medicinal Herb


Why Parsley Should Be In Your Diet

Parsley is a medicinal herb that has multiple health benefits including:


In addition to adding flavor and fragrance to your favorite recipe, parsley has a lot of nutritional benefits. Parsley is full of many antioxidant vitamins namely Vitamin K, Vitamin A (notably through its concentration of the pro-vitamin A carotenoid, beta-carotene) and Vitamin C. Parsley is also a good source for Vitamin B9 (Folate) and iron.

The Role of Vitamins in Parsley 

Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen and is a constitutional component of tendons, ligaments, bones and blood vessels. Vitamin A helps to maintain skin integrity and mucous membranes.

Both Vitamins A and C are important for maintaining a healthy immune system which can help to stave off colds and flu, and both are known to reduce inflammation which can ease the symptoms of many arthritic conditions. (More information regarding arthritic conditions can be found “Arthritis Cure Found in Nature!“)

Vitamin K plays a role in bone health by promoting osteotropic activity in the bones. Adequate intake of Vitamin K improves calcium absorption and reduces urinary excretion of calcium. The crucial vitamin is also is essential for blood clot formation so as to avoid abnormal bleeding and bruising.

What You May Not Know About Parsley

Eugenol, an essential oil available in parsley is used in dental practices as a local anesthetic and an antiseptic agent for teeth and gum diseases. Another component of parsley, Myricetin, has been shown to lower blood sugars, decrease insulin resistance and yield anti-hyperlipidemia effects.

Another published study suggests that,

“myricetin acts as a promising agent for the chemoprevention of skin cancer.”

And according to a review published in “Cancer Letters” in 2011,

“Parsley contains Carnosol, a nutrient that regulates gene activity and may have the ability to fight the growth of several types of cancer, including breast, skin and colon cancers.”

Green SmoothiesThe Color of Parsley

Parsley is extremely rich in chlorophyll, the compound that gives parsley its deep green color, which helps to alkalize the body, purify blood and improve cellular oxygenation. For this reason, parsley is a favorite among many juice enthusiasts and is one of the most often used garnishes and compliments so many dishes.

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Susan Hartman

Susan is a lawyer, Pilates instructor and passionate advocate of natural wellness. In 2006 she began exploring various nutritional and movement therapies, meditation and other alternative means of healing in an attempt to naturally relieve hormonal imbalances, eczema and back and joint pain. After much research and trial and error, she found a personal regimen that not only alleviated her symptoms, but that also left her with a new found sense of overall health and wellness. During this period of exploration, she was introduced to Pilates and was surprised by how quickly she began to feel and see positive results in her body. She loves how Pilates emphasizes body awareness and the connection of breath to movement, and she believes it can bring about lifelong health benefits including stress relief and improved strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Today Susan strives to promote the importance of regular exercise, a clean whole foods diet, compassion for self and others, and a curious attitude, all as a means to maintaining vitality and living a balanced and centered life. When she is not practicing law or teaching Pilates, she can be found hiking or biking in the woods, soaking up the sun atop her paddleboard, engaged in a yoga or group fitness class, or immersed in a book or classic movie.