Possible link between Parkinson’s and Riboflavin Deficiency

A 2003 study done in Brazil found that all thirty-one Parkinson’s patients had evidence of a riboflavin deficiency. Nineteen of the patients were given a low dose of only 30 mg of riboflavin, three times a day for a period of six months.


By the end of the six month trial period, ALL of the nineteen patients improved motor capacity by more than thirty percent!

This study is not surprising based on how Vitamin B1 (thiamine) positively affects those with myasthenia gravis.

If you refer to the biological science of thiamine’s role in the conversion of pyruvate to acetylcholine, you will see how three B vitamins are involved. They are: Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and Vitamin B4 (choline).

Though the pathology differs, the action of riboflavin on the muscular function in Parkinson’s patients is similar.

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