Our Team

Dr. Michelle Kmiec, Founder


dr-michelle-kmiec_1423763736Dr. Michelle Kmiec is a chiropractic physician who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and a minor in Medical Research. She is a life-long athlete who after curing herself 100% naturally from MS and anxiety, became an avid nutrition health researcher/promoter. She has been featured in many Health magazines and has been a guest on radio talk shows in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.
She is the author of Health Freedom Revolution: Exposing the Lies, Deceit and Greed of the Medical Profession’, Founder of The Triad of Life™ (Holistic Lifestyle Program) and Online Holistic Health, host of Holistic Health Radio, and a contributing writer for other popular informative health website/blogs.
Read more about her and her amazing story here.


Elsa A. Cordero, MOAM,  Co-Founder and Web Master

elsa-200x200_1423763872Never having settled long enough on a  career or life path, Elsa discovered Martial Arts and it transformed her life. The tenets of martial arts instilled in her the discipline, dedication, and perseverance that ultimately led her to become an International and National Martial Arts Champion.

Years later when she left the martial arts industry in search of a new and meaningful career, she discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine. First as a patient battling digestive and women’s issues, and soon after as a student. From the beginning, she loved the premise of holistic medicine and its holistic approach.

A natural born teacher she now wants to share her passion and knowledge with others.

Susan L. Hartman, Contributor

Susan 200 200Susan is a mother, wife, lawyer and passionate advocate of natural wellness.  After a medical diagnosis that came with prescription medications, an order to limit physical activity and the words “you need to be more accepting of age and genetics,” she took her health into her own hands and exchanged legal journals for those focusing on health and nutrition as an alternative means of healing. She was able to relieve all of her symptoms by way of nutritional therapies and healthy lifestyle practices that include a clean whole food diet, yoga, strength training and aerobic exercise.

After several years of self-study, she enrolled in a more formal course of study through Washington State University and is now a Holistic Health Advocate. Encouraged by the changes in her own life, Susan’s focus now is to inspire others to take charge of their health and well-being and to promote natural and nutritional healing methods.