Thiamine Therapy Resolves Lactic Acidosis

Thiamine Therapy Resolves Lactic Acidosis

Patients receiving Parenteral Nutrition (PN) (when a person is fed intravenously) are documented as developing lactic acidosis, which is totally resolved by thiamine therapy. This was documented by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) even back in 1989 with cases occurring every year to present day.

Until I had done the research regarding parenteral nutrition, I had honestly assumed that when you are being fed intravenously, you are receiving ALL nutritional requirements needed. Well, never assume when it comes to modern medicine…BIG mistake! Because, this is apparently not the case.

The amount of thiamine in parenteral nutrition is inconsequential at best. For whatever reasons, the medical establishment will not budge on their stance of Recommended Daily Intake Intravenous(RDI). However to be fair, in the case of parenteral nutrition, they did increase the thiamine dosage from 1.6 mg to whopping 3 mg.

Sadly, such a ridiculous low increase of mg. makes no difference regarding the development of lactic acidosis.

To compound the absurdity, even the Merck Manual states that thiamine is not toxic even at high doses. So, why not add more thiamine to the PN to prevent the lactic acidosis from occurring in the first place? These patients obviously require doses ranging in the hundreds of mgs; not the ridiculous low amounts of 1 – 3 mgs!

And here’s the kicker…per the CDC, only 100 mg of thiamine was needed to correct symptoms of lactic acidosis!

Could it be any clearer?

Having the correct information without acting on it, which results in the harm of a human being, is malpractice no matter how you slice it!  

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