Help For Herpes!

Arginine and Herpes

Most people know of the herpes suppressing effect that the amino acid l-lysine brings.

However, there has been some press related to l-arginine that stated, “…it can make some conditions worse, such as herpes infections.”

Although true, they did seem to leave out this simple “antidote”.

Instead of giving the warning of avoiding l-arginine if you have herpes, dismissing the beneficial effects for those infected the herpes virus, all that needs to be mentioned…

is to also take l-lysine when taking l-arginine.

Especially when taking therapeutic dosages, as this could (in theory) stimulate a latent herpes infection.

Bottom line:

If you have the herpes virus, but would like to have the benefits of taking l-arginine, simply take l-lysine as well.

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