1. 16 remèdes naturels contre l'ulcère de l'estomac
    Aug 06, 2016 @ 05:51:51

    […] New Studies Prove Sweet Potatoes HEAL Stomach Ulcers! […]

  2. Practical_kismet@yahoo.com' PM
    Aug 07, 2016 @ 19:44:22

    Wow! This is so interesting. I’ve recently been suffering from what I believe is some sort of stomach parasite. Perhaps h. Pylori or Candida Albicans. I was having a lot of stomach pain after eating – perhaps an ulcer? I’ve found baked sweet potatoes to be one of the few foods that I can consistently eat without having pain afterwards. I now eat them daily. I’m also taking colloidal silver and a homeopathic remedy (asafetida) to kill whatever is causing my stomach pain and nausea.

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