CONFIRMED: Celery Really Does Reduce Blood Pressure!


Celery really does reduce Blood Pressure! 

Back in 1992, a study to determine if celery did reduce blood pressure suggested that it was highly likely due to a chemical found in celery – Phthalide

Researchers found that phthalide lowered blood pressure by relaxing smooth muscles that line the blood vessels.

Although the study was small, it proved interesting since celery is high in sodium, believed by some health care professionals to raise blood pressure.

“The researchers’ interest in celery was prompted by Mr. Le’s father, who was found to have mild hypertension but chose to ignore his doctor’s advice to reduce his blood pressure by eating less salt. Instead, the elder Mr. Le ate a quarter-pound of celery every day for one week, and his blood pressure dropped from an elevated level of 158 over 96 to a normal level of 118 over 82.”

However, researchers remained skeptical despite the outcome.

In 2013, a pilot study was done to see if indeed celery reduced blood pressure.

The results were as follows:

“There was statistically significant decrease in both systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) at week 3 and week 6 compared to baseline. “

And they concluded:

“The results from this pilot study suggest that celery seed extract may have clinically relevant blood pressure–lowering effects, indicating that additional clinical research is warranted.”

So if blood pressure is a concern, you may just want to add celery to your grocery shopping list!


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