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  1.' Ben
    February 2, 2021 @ 6:21 pm

    Very good Michelle, this is something I haven’t seen covered very often but was an important part of me healing from lyme and becoming healthier (still a work in progress but i’ve come very far).

    At first the overwhelm and hopelessness was very strong due to the intensity of my symptoms. And as I started to explore them over time, the hopelessness and similar feelings went deeper and back to earlier experiences. I found Inner Child work helped alot.

    The thing is that it can be hard to understand this until you go through it, because if you’ve had abandonment for example, which is my one from adoption, then it’s kind of just become a ‘normal’ thing to be there, and it can be difficult to see how it can end up in an illness later in life.

    I’ve found through this process, the things i’ve had to confront and though at the start it was horrible going through the intense symptoms that it’s been the biggest period of growth for me than in a long time. And as i’ve done that, i’ve become more connected with myself and attracted more people who are on a similar wavelength who are good for me, where in the past i’d attract people who would cause me isues and try to bring me down.

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