Brocade 7 – Punching with Angry Gaze



Revitalizing Your Life Energy (Qi) Through Motion – Series


The full title of this brocade is “Punching with Angry Gaze to Increase Qi and Strength.”

Begin in Qigong stance. Step out to the left (your feet should be about 3 feet apart), slightly bend your knees. Pull the elbows back behind the body, hands in a fist, palms up under the shoulders. Your gaze intense.

Slowly extend one arm in a twisting punch motion (palm rotates downward as you punch) while the other arm sits beside your waist in a tight fist, palm up. Pull the punching arm back to sit beside your waist in a tight fist palm up, extend the other arm in a twisting punch motion.  Repeat eight times.

Finish in Qigong position.

According to Chinese medicine the liver, muscles and the flow of Qi are stimulated by the eyes and the emotion of anger. In this case, an angry gaze represents intensity and focus. Punching with an intense and focused gaze stimulates the liver and helps to rid the body of toxins.

The liver can express anger in a healthy or unhealthy fashion. This brocade aims to create a sense of balance in the liver so anger when manifested expresses itself in a healthy and appropriate fashion.

This brocade is also a great stress reliever as it can bring about concentration.  Additionally, it has been shown to aid in the prevention of arthritis.

Never having settled long enough on a career or life path, Elsa discovered Martial Arts and it transformed her life. The tenets of martial arts instilled in her the discipline, dedication, and perseverance that ultimately led her to become an International and National Martial Arts Champion.

Years later when she left the martial arts industry in search of a new and meaningful career, she discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine, first as a patient battling digestive and women’s issues, and later as a student.

From the beginning, she embraced a holistic approach to medicine along with traditional healing methods, and today she is a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist. A natural born teacher she now wants to share her passion and knowledge with others!