What Brand of Calcium Is Best?

What brand of calcium orotate and calcium 2-aep do you recommend?

Q: What brand of calcium orotate and calcium 2-aep do you recommend? I have multiple food sensetivites so I avoid supplements with a lot of inactive ingredients and gelatin. I also have sensetivies to sulfites and high sulfur foods and supplements. Also what is a good dosage for the calcium orotate and calcium 2-aep. And I also have MS.


A: I prefer the brand name that was formulated by Hans A. Nieper, MD, ADVANCED RESEARCH.

ADVANCED RESEARCH brand nutritional supplements are the progression of Dr. Nieper’s commitment to metabolic therapies in harmony with nature.

Each ADVANCED RESEARCH brand has been designed to address specific needs metabolically; therefore, you can be assured that the ADVANCED RESEARCH brand represents one of the most advanced bio-available and results oriented nutritional products.

We painstakingly research each raw ingredient to assure that the highest potency most assimilable materials are used and that they meet Dr. Nieper’s standards of excellence. All of our products are then scientifically formulated and meticulously manufactured. Finally, each product is quality tested according to Dr. Nieper’s Strict Specification. Only then is a product packaged, labeled and waiting to be shipped to you!”

However, since you have MS, I would actually recommend a product called Intracal. It is a Calcium/Magnesium Orotate supplement that is amazing! In fact, I used it (and still do) in my nutrition protocol (I cured myself of MS and Anxiety 10 years ago).  Magnesium, in my opinion, is a more important mineral than calcium since a magnesium deficiency can actually cause a calcium deficiency. I would take 2 capsules 3x/day.

Calcium 2-AEP is the best form of calcium that you could buy. The elemental calcium in this form is so small, that it can effect the cell. Here is an awesome article: Calcium AEP: Membrane Integrity Factor Aids Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma and Osteoporosis  


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