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  1.' chris
    June 11, 2017 @ 9:55 pm

    Dr. Kmiec, I just discovered your blog, and really like the way you think. In regard to pesticides depleting (or blocking) vitamin B5 and other vital nutrients…..I’ve been wondering the same thing. I had an unusual fingernail issue in which deep horizontal ridges were forming on my nails, (Beaus lines?) very hard to find concrete information on this issue. But after extensive research, one naturopath said flat out, its a thiamin or B1 deficiency. I thought huh? I take B complex, eat a very clean diet, mostly organic and WP type, what gives? I had none of the health issues that could cause this deficiency, so on a lark I looked up thiaminase. Ie, was there an enzyme that could deplete thiamin like that and cause nail ridges? Well, yes. Its good old glyphosate, from monsatan itself. depletes sulfer and causes a cascade of blockages for nutrient absorption. Wonderful. So, no more grains, and extra B1 is resolving the problem. I have normal nails now for the first time in years. Thanks for all you are doing in your research and writing on these important matters, nowadays, it can save a life.

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