Mission Statement


Mission and Goal of Online Holistic Health


For too long, natural healthcare has been condemned by conventional modern medicine as a result of fear and profit.

And slowly, our perception of what healthcare should really be, has steadily been chipped away in lieu of of a drug based system.


Online Holistic Health Mission Statement

  • To provide researched holistic health information gathered from around the world in order to affect the well-being of not just the individual, but also the community by providing natural healthcare awareness.
  • To promote a drug-free holistic approach to healthcare, so that people can be restored to their optimal health. This happens through the realization that true health comes from within, without the negative effects of drugs. Healing is thereby a natural function of the body and does not require medications.
  • To share articles related to controversial topics and real stories of healing. 
  • The goal of Online Holistic Health is to act as a mediator by educating and providing knowledge so that the public can better understand:
    • When to help the body back to homeostasis,
    • When to consult a health care professional, and most of all,
    • Know when to stand back and allow the body to heal itself.

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