About OHH & The Triad of Life™

The Triad of Life, Inc.™ was created to provide a platform to present information related to natural healthcare as an alternative to our current healthcare system which focuses on prescription drug “disease-care” rather than real preventative care. It’s purpose is to bring awareness to the public and provide individuals with the information and tools necessary for them to regain their health, prevent illness and disease, and/or to achieve overall optimal health. Above all, The Triad of Life, Inc.™ was created to motivate and inspire people to incorporate this knowledge and these tools into their everyday life.

There a multitude of websites with a similar purpose, but what sets The Triad of Life, Inc.™ apart from the rest is that it is designed to help individuals address challenging health conditions by reducing chronic stress and chronic inflammation via natural and holistic methods, so that the body is better able to heal. Both medical and holistic practitioners agree that chronic stress and chronic inflammation are two major contributors to any illness or disease.

The Triad of Life, Inc.™ addresses the three major components of the human condition responsible for health, well-being and happiness: Physical (Structural), Nutritional (Chemical) and Emotional (Mental). It is well documented that if any of these components are chronically stressed, then chronic inflammation becomes unavoidable, eventually resulting in illness or disease.

We also understand that many individuals have tried natural holistic treatments, did not achieve relief from their symptoms and therefore deemed these alternative methods ineffective. However, in reality, all individuals are unique and what supplement or remedy may work for one may not be as effective for another.

Often times we try (or don’t try) natural treatments based upon:

  • Bold print headlines
  • What we see on the news or on the internet
  • Based on advice from a friend or family member
  • Based on advice from a doctor who may not have researched all possible treatments

You may wonder why your doctor doesn’t recommend natural treatments. Well, it is not necessarily that your doctor doesn’t care; it’s more likely that your doctor is unaware of alternative treatments and/or unaware of the research behind those treatments.

And what about all of the conflicting recommendations within the natural healthcare arena? That’s where Triad of Life, Inc.™ comes in…we sort it all out for you!


The Triad of Life, Inc.™ originated as an exclusive membership site sponsored by Online Holistic Health, an information based website founded by Dr. Michelle Kmiec, a chiropractic physician with a BS in Human Biology and minor in Medical Research, who specializes in nutrition and applied kinesiology. Online Holistic Health was created after Dr. Kmiec cured herself from Multiple Sclerosis 100% naturally, and in the process found that there was a growing demand for a single platform bringing healthcare controversies to center stage, and providing well-researched alternative methods of preventative and therapeutic treatments.

Foundation and Philosophy

  • Healthcare is for everyone. It is not just a luxury for only those who can afford the outrageous monthly premiums.
  • Real preventative care should be at the forefront of any healthcare premise.
  • True preventative care is giving the body the nutrition is requires through food and supplementation, exercise, movement and relaxation, mental stimulation and creativity, all which is unique to the individual.
  • If a person does, however, reach the point of illness, the illness is due to some health deficiency and NOT a chemical pharmaceutical drug deficiency.
  • A health deficiency can then be defined as a sub-health and sub-health is the doorway to illness.
  • Although drugs do serve a purpose in some acute care conditions, nutrition should always be considered and administered to ultimately stop and/or reverse the illness.
  • Real nutrition of all kinds should be available to all who wish to achieve well being and optimal health.
  • There should be no restrictions imposed by government and/or medical bias proclaiming that nutrients are dangerous, and drugs are the only solution.
  • People should be able to choose what type of healthcare they wish to receive.
  • Individuals should not be restricted solely to conventional medicine which statistically has fallen short of delivering effective healthcare.

Mission and Goal

  • To bring natural healthcare awareness to the public by presenting information related to the three fundamental components of optimal health: Physical, Nutritional and Emotional.
  • To provide researched holistic health information gathered from around the world in order to affect the well-being of not just the individual, but also the community.
  • To promote a drug-free holistic approach to healthcare so that people can be restored to their optimal health upon the realization that true health comes from within. Healing is a natural function of the body and does not require medications.
  • To share articles and information related to controversial health topics and real stories of healing.
  • The goal of The Triad of Life, Inc.™ is to act as a mediator by educating and providing knowledge to the public so that they can better understand:
  • When and how to help the body to return to homeostasis.
  • When to consult a health care professional.
  • Most importantly, when to stand back and allow the body to heal itself.
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