Physical Component of The Triad of Life™


physical component of the triad of life

Although the Physical Component of The Triad of Life™ can be difficult to get into balance, it is the easiest of the three components to understand.

Examples of situations that directly result in an imbalance on this side of The Triad of Life™ are:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Lack of well-rounded exercise (only partaking in anabolic (weight lifting) and not performing any aerobic type exercise)
  • Muscle distress due to lack of stretching, resulting in muscle pain and eventually joint pain leading to arthritis
  • Injury (falls, accidents)
  • Injury from overuse and/or repetition

Sadly, society as a whole has become extremely sedentary. Though many people frequent gyms and group fitness classes, they still lack the benefit of a well-rounded physical fitness regime. Often this results in chronic pain syndromes, fatigue, restless sleep, mood swings, and the eventual belief that the pain along with a decrease in flexibility, endurance and strength are the results of aging.

This is not the philosophy of Online holistic Health & The Triad of Life™.physical component of the triad of life

Our philosophy is very simple.

We believe that by bringing your body back into physical balance via aerobic, strengthening, and stretching activities, you can significantly improve your health and well being regardless of your age.  Pain is an indication of inflammation and is not a part of the normal process of aging!

Many physical/structural issues are the result of imbalances within the muscles which can be caused by overuse, injury, improper usage, and overexertion.  All of these issues can result in scar tissue, trigger points, and physical imbalances that lead to the inflammation process which eventually disturbs the balance of the other two sides of the Triad (Nutritional and Emotional).

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