Vitamin B14

Vitamin-B14Vitamin B14

Vitamin B14 is thought to be a combination of Vitamin B10 and Vitamin B11. It has not been isolated to a specific substance.

Currently, very little is known about Vitamin B14. It was isolated from wine and originally thought to be a metabolite of xanthopterin. However, biochemist Earl R. Norris disputed that xanthopterin was actually Vitamin B14.

Why do you need vitamin B14?

Possible functions of Vitamin B14:

  • Cell formation
  • Properties that may inhibit a type of anemia


Conditions thought to be Related to Vitamin B14 Deficiency?

  • Deterioration of red blood cells
  • Pernicious anemia
  • Accelerated production of cancer cells



Not available for supplementation but Vitamin B14 has been found in organ meats (liver, heart, and kidney), yeast, grains, legumes, and eggs.




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