1. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 11:00:59

    I truly think it is sad that a company such as Standard Process, whose standards are so high, would overlook look this major issue…the drugs and chemicals that some of their products expose people to is unacceptable! Especially those trying to rid themselves of those vary chemicals and drugs!

  2. roquem
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 12:23:51

    Wow and I had nutrition response testing done with Standard Process supplements and the chiropractor said she “found” that I had heavy metal toxicity. Based on this article, now I wonder do I really have heavy metal toxicity or is it from Standard Process? Which apparently contains heavy metals.

    Great article, thanks for the information!

  3. ordersmerritt@gmail.com' Marlene
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 13:08:16

    My first thought is, what would you suggest they do? It’s easy to throw accusations around, and a whole different thing to figure out how to get those vital nutrients. How else would you like to get the necessary 2+ million livers needed? (since liver is the most nutrient-dense organ that exists). Personally, I’d rather make sure I am iodine sufficient, which will prevent heavy metals in my body, and that I detox a couple of times a year, BUT I WOULD DO THAT ANYWAY BECAUSE OUR SOCIETY HAS TOO MANY RISKS. The tiny amount that MIGHT be present in a supplement is NOTHING compared to what people normally ingest and the benefits far outweigh the “risk” you’re referring to. Shame on you for creating a concern out of context.

  4. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 13:37:32

    @ Marlene…thank you so much for your heart-filled comment! It is obvious that you are very concerned about health and vital supplements that are often needed to counteract all the poisons that we are exposed to everyday in our air, water and food (and prescription drugs). Respectfully, however, though I appreciate your opinion…I would have to disagree. Just because “2+ million livers needed” may be the case, to use toxic ingredients (for me) is unacceptable. Especially when there are other supplement companies that sells the same products minus the chemicals. It took me many years to recover from my FDA induced illness and I will never ingest any so-called “healthy organic” supplement just because there may be only a “tiny” amount of some chemical. If you have read the entire article, you would know that heavy metals are only a small percentage with the issues regarding FDA approved meat products. I encourage rethinking your position and researching other organic supplement companies that go beyond the toxic rich animal products. I ask you…if you have the choice (and you do), do you still choose the toxic supplement? Shame on me if that was my choice! I only report the truth…the rest is up to you!

  5. jesselee22@hotmail.com' jessica
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 14:14:55

    If not Standard Process , then what do you recommend ? I have been a user of Sp supplements , and they have been a Godsend to my family in many ways. I agree that I wish they could find better sources, but I will continue to use their products until better is out there . I can tell you what a difference these products have made in the overall health and well being of my family and I would much rather be with them than ever without them .

  6. ecperi88@gmail.com' Elsa
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 14:32:58

    I don’t know, if it is up to me and I have other supplements that do not have any toxic ingredients, then that is obviously what i would use.

    I appreciate the fact that Dr Kmiec is exposing this so at least people can consider other options and make educated decisions. I don’t believe that uncovering these facts is creating concern out of context, but it is creating enough concern to look at other options – at least for me.

  7. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 15:15:15

    @Jessica…I agree…most of Standard Process supplements are awesome. As I mention in the article, I still take many of their products, that is except for the products that contain the animal products. It is correct that the liver is nutrition packed, however, it also holds the most toxins!And that is vitally important to me! There are other companies that offer organic animal products. One such company is Nutricology. I will post a link and image above.

  8. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 15:36:23

    Allergy research group another such company. They use New Zealand grass fed meat as well as Nutricology. http://www.allergyresearchgroup.com/Glandulars-p-1-c-7.html

    To take products that contain chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals (and who knows what else) is everyone’s personal choice. I am saddened that a company as wonderful as Standard Process hasn’t promoted (at least) natural raised animal tissues for their supplements. There are more and more natural and organic farms each year to supply the demand of people wanting less chemicals and drugs in their diets. If it’s about cost…I for one would gladly pay more for clean supplements. To say there aren’t enough animal products…sorry…I don’t believe it.

  9. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 15:59:15

    Healing Edge Science (http://www.healingedge.net/pdf/glandulars.pdf) is another company. There are always options! Your health is worthy of the best nutrients…why settle for less?

  10. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 12:56:31

    I did replace the animal tissues of SP with a company that actually uses organically raised…the company is New Zealand based HERBAL HEALER: There website is http://www.herbalhealer.com/glandulars.html

  11. kahjah@hotmail.com' Krista Anderson
    Jul 16, 2014 @ 15:30:14

    Dr. Kmiec – this is an old thread but I’m wondering if you formed your opinion based on the on-line literature you could find regarding Standard Process and what they say about their products or if you actually spoke with them and they confirmed your suspicions? I too as a patient had the same concerns. Standard Process responded quickly to an inquiry of mine, but would not communicate directly with me because I wasn’t a Dr./supplier. So I asked my naturopath. She said she did alot of research and that they have to say they are USDA approved by law, but that they do use some of their own animals and when they have to outsource they take measures to ensure they get the highest quality animals they can. I just wonder if your opinion is based on a confirmation of your web-based beliefs CONFIRMED by Standard Process?

  12. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Jul 24, 2014 @ 10:00:19

    Hello Krista, Their animal-based products are USDA approved, which does not mean they are organic. USDA approved does mean, however, that the animals are given antibiotics and hormones – of which there is much research supporting the ill-effects those bring to health (especially chronically over time).

    I have spoken with SP multiple times, and they do insist that their animal-based products are as clean as those which were raised organically. Well, if that were the case, then there would be no difference between conventional raised animals and organically raised animals; obviously there is a big difference! Especially regarding the health of the animal itself.

    SP does not raise any animals, and they made that very clear to me. They do however, have an amazing organic produce farm (which I did have the pleasure of visiting a few years back), and is why I do continue to take their plant-based supplements to this day.

    My biggest concern regarding their use of conventionally raised animals is particularly alarming regarding glandulars. After spending many years cleaning my body from chemicals, and ultimately curing myself from MS…they last thing I would want to do is knowingly take supplements that had any possible trace remnants of any harmful chemical. Glandulars come from the animals organs, including the liver, and organs can become toxic faster than muscle tissue.

    There are companies who use only organically raised animals for their supplements…and those are the companies I choose (refer to the article for the links). Hopefully, one day SP will also be one of those companies. The day they do that…they will indeed then be the best supplement whole food company in existence!!

  13. louthomaso@gmail.com' Lou
    Jul 25, 2014 @ 15:52:02

    Thanks so much for an article that confirms the concerns that we came up with ourselves when our Chinese Medicine practitioner prescribed Natural Process glandulars to us. We also came across the Herbal Healer site and were very impressed by their claims. Our only concern is that we don’t know much about Herbal Healer, and in particular we do not know how long they have been working with glandulars, as the page that describes those products is tagged with the word “New.”

    We looked at the product reviews on the Herbal Healer site and found one as far back as 2005 that refers to one of the glandular products on that page, so I would suppose that they have been working with glandulars for at least that long, although I don’t know if they have had organic sourcing for that long.

    Can you tell us what you know about this company, its history, its reputation, the quality of its products, and especially its work with glandulars?

  14. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Jul 26, 2014 @ 15:21:19

    Hello, I really like Herbal Healer and only purchase glandulars from them. There is some info regarding the owner (maybe you have seen it) and history at this link:


    For now, this is the only company I trust. Though I still purchase some SP supplements (from plant sources only), I will never take animal-based supplements from any US government approved source/farm no matter what the quality. Unless it is organic…they cannot be 100% guaranteed that those supplements are chemical (or GMO) free.

  15. cptlysse@yahoo.com' Alyssa
    Aug 11, 2014 @ 14:55:44

    I can find several sources backing up Standard Process for their use of Certified Organic products, including animal. Majority of their products are provided from their own organic farm in Wisconsin, and they will use clean replacements if they ‘cannot find’ organic bovine, such as sheep and porcupine. They also do not carry/use fish oil anymore because it is too difficult for them to verify it’s quality meets their standards. I have found ONE source however claiming that SP is not using organic animal products, this article. All of the products offered by Standard Process are certified organic by U.S standards, all of Herbal Healers products are certified organic by the United Nations standards. I will continue to buy from SP and feel awesome.

  16. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Aug 12, 2014 @ 10:09:05

    Hi Alyssa! Thanks for your comment!

    As you have read the article, you know that I still do take SP supplements, because they do farm organic produce however…I do not buy the ones that contain animal tissues. Sadly, you are incorrect regarding SP using organic animal products. They do not. I have attached a link to their website for their animal tissues and product safety report. Per their report:

    “The animal tissues that we use are supplied by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) – inspected facilities and approved based on the laws and regulations of the USDA…”


    Per the USDA rules (as per the article), these animals have been injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Furthermore, because they are not raised organically, the feed they consume is not organic or from a non-GMO source.

    I would absolutely LOVE it if they would use organic animal tissues – that would make them the BEST supplement company hands down!! But, until they do, I will continue to use SP for their amazing produce whole food supplements, and Herbal Healers for their organically raised animal tissues. I cured myself 100% naturally from MS ten years ago…and I, as you, want to continue to feel awesome! Personally, I prefer not taking any chances when it comes to my health :)

  17. philcheney@att.net' Shawn
    Sep 07, 2014 @ 23:01:35

    I was trying to fond a supplement from the .New Zealand company that would match Immuplex; any suggestions/

  18. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 11:36:41

    Hi Shawn! Per the article, I still do use SP supplements, but only the vegetarian based. If organic animal tissues are important to you, then for the glandulars, I highly recommend the following: http://www.herbalhealer.com/glandulars.html

    Thanks for your question!

  19. TBergenn@hotmail.com' T. Bergenn
    Sep 10, 2014 @ 13:29:13

    I have in my orbit some avid Standard Process fans who are holistic professionals.

    When I researched the Standard Process website, I scoured and found they use synthetics.

    So I am currently in the process of trying to get my professional friends and colleagues to switch and recommend the Akea product instead. To read the 5 page brochure of ingredients and benefits, visit: http://bit.ly/OFF-Brochure1

    It is a whole food supplement — powder format. 36 organic superfoods, all fermented for increased bioavailability. No synthetics. Nothing created in a lab. Gluten-free. Vegan. Soy free. Dairy free.

  20. laurens_place@yahoo.com' Lauren
    Oct 06, 2014 @ 16:00:49

    I have done three Standard Process 21 day cleanses in the past and am very overdue for another, as last winter, i was sick again, after many years of good immunity. The products used for the cleanse are SP Complete, SP Cleanse, SP Green Food, and Gastro-Fiber.

    To your knowledge, are any of these of concern?

    Thanks much!

  21. denget@netins.net' Mabel Tiffany
    Oct 14, 2014 @ 11:29:18

    I have been using Multizyme regularly. Should this be replaced by something else?
    Thanks much.

  22. kkapel@live.com' Kasandra
    Nov 14, 2014 @ 17:51:55

    Wiuld you have any recommendations for alternatives to Catalyn, Cyrofood and Cataplex G? Thank you so much for your informative article.

  23. rthstphn@yahoo.com' Steve
    Dec 21, 2014 @ 21:11:01

    Dear Dr. Kmiec: Invaluable Info. Thanks so much . Can you recommend a replacement for Standard Process , “DIAPLEX” which I’ve been taking for quite some time ? Thank you .

  24. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Dec 22, 2014 @ 10:07:50

    Hi Steve! I use the company Herbal Healer , for glandulars.

  25. kalaflamme@hotmail.com' Kathy Laflamme
    Feb 21, 2015 @ 08:44:56

    Herbal Healer is not New Zealand based! They are located in Arkansas.

  26. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Feb 26, 2015 @ 06:25:27

    Thanks Kathy! Excellent clarification! The animal tissues are from New Zealand, and this company is based in Arkansas. :)

  27. ksjdanley1@cableone.net' Susan
    Mar 16, 2015 @ 22:09:20

    Dear Dr. Kmiec, That you ever so much for letting us know about Standard Process products. We were told by our Naturopath that the products were all organic. Also, did you know the B12 that Standard Process uses is cyanocobalmin? It is the synthetic, cheap, low-grade, low-quality B12. Also, the manganese in their Trace Mineral supplement exceeds the upper tolerable limit. Finally, I did further research by entering Standard Process Vitamin Scam and you will find the shady history of this company and their devious marketing strategies. Most importantly, there is a strong association with bovine supplements (especially brain) and mad cow disease. They need to put a warning label on those supplements. I admire and respect a doctor who tells the truth. You are one in a million!

  28. Dr. Michelle Kmiec
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 15:17:47

    I agree with every thing you stated! And thank you so much for your kind words! :)

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