• Cod Liver Oil vs. Medical Science

    Cod Liver Oil vs. Medical Science

    ...Yet, in our world, science has decided to improve upon what nature has given us. Such is the case with cod liver oil.

    This highly nutritious fish oil is being manually stripped of its Vitamin A content. Modern medical science’s attempt to make what is natural “better”.  Since obviously nature “got it wrong!”


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 29, 2012|

    “Toxic” Vitamin D?

    Nationwide Vitamin D Deficiency

    "We expected the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency would be high, but the magnitude of the problem nationwide was shocking."

    ...So this brings about the obvious question: How does the body synthesis Vitamin D? It uses UV-B sunlight. Of course, the widespread myth that has everyone scared is that the sun causes cancer (and wrinkles) so cover-up when venturing outside...

    ...and it is now all backed up by research!...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 29, 2012|

    Does Vitamin E Cause Strokes?

    Because of the bad press Vitamin E receives regarding strokes (“Vitamin E can cause strokes”, WebMD Health News), makes this topic extremely important.

    So be scared of Vitamin E! Right?

    Well, not so fast. Here’s what they didn’t tell you. Here's what they didn't tell you!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 21, 2012|

    Cardiovascular Disease

    Cardiovascular Disease and the Folic Acid Connection

    There has been a new buzz word regarding a possible predictor of a stroke, coronary heart disease or peripheral vascular disease.

    And that word is “homocysteine”; an amino acid derivative from the amino acid cysteine.


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 20, 2012|

    Niacin and Multiple Sclerosis

    Natural MS Cure: Government Approved Patent Includes Niacin

    ...It is the "flush" that is important in order to expand the capillaries, flooding the body with much needed nutrients.

    Many doctors believe that this is vital for the rebuilding of the damaged myelin sheath, which is the reason why MS is such a potentially debilitating disease...

    ...Why isn’t this information common news among medical doctors and MS patients?


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 14, 2012|

    Vitamin A: Debate Continues

    “What is the best form of Vitamin A?” and “Is Vitamin A toxic?”

    The debate has raged on for years now and with every one weighing in with their opinion, it’s easy to become very confused.

    I have spent countless hours writing and researching about “health controversies” such as this one. Reading everything from research to opinion blogs/websites and spanning from amateurs to experts. Each of them, of course, claiming to know the right answers.

    Flat out, there must be the answer to the vitamin A dilemma. I, for one, have swayed like a tree in a breeze from one stance to another. Ultimately, I had to do some logical thinking on my own by asking a few obvious questions...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 13, 2012|

    Peer Power & Holistic Healing!

    Healing Holistically Requires Careful Thought

    Perseverance ...and Peers!

    It’s my contention, after 25 years in the health and wellness field, that perseverance rarely comes without peer support.  Our society is set up to honor heroic acts and single feats of grandeur.  But if we look behind the curtain...


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 8, 2012|

    Thiamine & Autoimmune

    Thiamine & Autoimmune

    Now when it comes to the nervous system, it is very important that this process is able to occur.

    This is because nerve tissues are extremely dependent on carbohydrate breakdown to function properly.

    So, if there is a lack of sufficient thiamine, nerve tissues are one of the first to present the effects.

    ...this means that in the presence of thiamine deficiency, inflammatory and/or degenerative lesions of multiple nerves can occur simultaneously...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 1, 2012|

    High Fructose Corn Syrup WARNING!

    What REALLY Is High Fructose Corn Syrup?

    The Corn Refiners Association is bombarding us, with TV advertisements saying, “That the body does not know the difference; Sugar is Sugar". They state, "Know the facts."

    Really? Let's check out some of the facts they don't want you to know about!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 1, 2012|

    Does The FDA Want You Sick?

    Animal Feed Has More Nutrition Than FDA Approved Nutrition For Humans! 

    If the FDA doesn't endorse adding vital nutrients such as thiamine, choline and vitamin B12 in their approved mixtures of so-called total nutrition even after their own research proves the prevention and/or cure of dangerous health conditions with those nutrients, then...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Sep 18, 2012|
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