The Philosophy of Online Holistic Health


To shed light on the ever increasing darkness of prescription drug “disease-care” that shadows our current healthcare system, and in the spirit of Healthcare Freedom

is the following philosophy, and foundation, for which Online Holistic Health stands:


  • Healthcare is not a luxury for only those that can afford outrageous monthly premiums, but for everyone.
  • Real preventive care should be at the forefront of any healthcare premise.
    • Preventive care is NOT drugs and fear tactics.
    • True preventative care is giving the body the nutrition it uniquely requires; whether by food & supplementation, exercise, movement & relaxation, mental stimulation & creativity, that is unique to the individual.
  • If a person does; however, reach the point of illness, the illness is due to some health deficiency and NOT a chemical pharmaceutical drug deficiency. .
    • A health deficiency can then be defined as sub-health and sub-health is the doorway to illness.
  • Although drugs do serve a purpose in some acute care conditions, nutrition should always be considered and administered to ultimately stop and/or reverse the the illness.
  • Real nutrition of all kinds should be available to all who wish to achieve well-being and optimal health.
    • Not restricted by government and/or medical bias with the false proclamations that nutrients are dangerous, while drugs are the only solution.
  • People should be able to choose what type of healthcare they wish to receive.
    • Not restricted to solely conventional medicine, which statistically has fallen short of delivering effective healthcare.

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