• Who’s in Control of Your Life?

    Don't Allow The FEAR of Others to Determine Your Path in Life!

    If you rely on others for the decisions you make with respect to you own life, being that you aren't listening to your own inner spirit, what makes you so sure the decision you make based on what other people believe is the right one?

    Who do they rely on to make their decisions? Is it the media (oh, help us!), television sitcoms (LOL), news (whether right or left), superstition (maybe), or worse yet their own fear (hmmmm)?

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jul 16, 2014|

    The Power Of Smile!

    The Power Of The Smile!

    ...Recall (if you will) a few days ago, or perhaps even yesterday. You know the day I’m talking about. You slept through your alarm (which must be broken) and are now late for work. (Darn it!)

    You finally race down the stairs and run into the kitchen where you grab a yogurt from the fridge...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jul 14, 2014|

    Zinc Deficient Nation

    An Important Missing Mineral!

    Zinc is among the most essential minerals that our body needs, and as always, nature has provided all the zinc we need.

    However sadly, due to modern day pollution, processing of foods, and genetically modified (GM) crops, many people are now zinc deficient.

    In fact, some estimations report nearly half of the world's population is zinc deficient - including the United States!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jun 20, 2014|

    The Truth About Aspirin & Cholesterol!

    Does An Aspirin a Day Really Keep the Heart Attack Away?

    …So say the “medical experts”.

    The idea of a taking daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks has been weaning between “in favor of” and “against” for quite some time. And as the pendulum now swings, the allistic medical advice is once again, “Yes to Aspirin!”

    Per the Mayo Clinic:

    “Aspirin therapy reduces the clumping action of platelets — possibly preventing heart attack and stroke.”

    On the surface, this sounds reasonable. But before I take this as fact, I'd like to do a bit more investigating into just how an aspirin can truly help prevent a heart attack or stroke.

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jun 19, 2014|

    Vitamin B15 is “Unsafe”?

    Vitamin B15 “Unsafe Food Additive”?


    As you’ll soon see, the issue between the FDA and pangamic acid is purely about regulation and semantics, and it has nothing to do with any law per se.

    Firstly, Vitamin B15 (Pangamic acid), in the USA, has failed to reach the level of “Vitamin” because the FDA claims that there isn’t a proven correlation linking pangamic acid, or DMG deficiency, within a disease condition... namely cancer.

    I am going to prove why the FDA is wrong and how they contradicts itself!


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jun 18, 2014|
    • Chronic Stress & Intestinal Parasites - The Seed & Spice Detox
      Permalink Chronic Stress & Intestinal Parasites - The Seed & Spice DetoxGallery

      Chronic Stress & Intestinal Parasites: The “Seed & Spice” Detox

    Chronic Stress & Intestinal Parasites: The “Seed & Spice” Detox

    Chronic Stress and Intestinal Parasites

    Many of you who frequent this website already know that I was extremely ill just over tens years ago. My symptoms of MS were text book. I could barely walk, was dangerously thin (98 pounds), and suffered with electrical symptoms in my limbs and torso. Need-less-to-say...it was awful!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jun 12, 2014|

    Does The FDA Want You Sick?

    Animal Feed Has More Nutrition Than FDA Approved Nutrition For Humans! 

    If the FDA doesn't endorse adding vital nutrients such as thiamine, choline and vitamin B12 in their approved mixtures of so-called total nutrition even after their own research proves the prevention and/or cure of dangerous health conditions with those nutrients, then...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Apr 22, 2014|

    Cancer and the Real Prevention

    Cancer Miracle?

    ...Yet, staying true to medical status quo, the public will be kept in the dark (once again) about an inexpensive, real preventive natural treatment that likely would cure an illness that plagues millions.



    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Mar 5, 2014|

    Monsanto’s Mission To Pharmaceutically Enhance Foods


    Genetically Modified Foods to be Pharmaceutically Enhanced!

    Announced on August 28, 2012 Monsanto and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. formed a “Strategic Alliance”...


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jan 31, 2014|

    CONFIRMED: Celery Really Does Reduce Blood Pressure!

    Add celery to your grocery shopping list! 

    Back in 1992, a study to determine if celery did reduce blood pressure suggested that it was highly likely due to a chemical found in celery – Phthalide

    Researchers found that phthalide lowered blood pressure by relaxing smooth muscles that line the blood vessels.

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Dec 31, 2013|

    Dogma & Misinformation: A Fatal Mixture in Healthcare

    “Dogmatic Delusional Disorder (DDD)”

    Our society is sicker, and far more drug dependent, than ever before. Yet, few people are asking the obvious questions.

    • Why are we so sick with new diseases and syndromes each year?
    • Why the need for prescription drugs on top of more prescription drugs?

    And fewer still are asking the most obvious question of all:

    Could all this sickness be due to health deficiencies caused by: air pollution, contaminated oceans, nutrition deprived processed and fast foods, nutrition stripped over-farmed soil, and genetically modified foods? 

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Nov 14, 2013|

    Search for the CURE?

    Will Scientists Ever Find A "Cure"?

    What would happen if the Cancer industry admitted there was a CURE for cancer? There are hundreds of thousands of people who have been cured of cancer via “alternative” methods, however many of those methods have been banned by the FDA and proclaimed as “unsafe”.

    Of course, oddly enough, chemo and radiation are undoubtedly two of the most dangerous treatments offered by modern medicine today!

    But what about a cure for cancer? Is it possible that a cure(s) already exist?

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Apr 17, 2013|

    Genetically Programmed for Disease?

    Modern Medicine says, "Blame it on your Genes!"

    Modern medicine would have you believe that genetically, we are all predetermined to have poor health or some type of disease sooner or later in life. That  it's "out of our hands" and the only means of relief (and perhaps some life extension) is only by what they deem to be scientifically sound - pharmaceutical drugs (FDA approved of course!)

    It is funny to me how there is one major component conveniently missing when "medical healthcare experts" discuss major diseases like cancer and heart disease.

    The poisons that we are exposed on a daily basis!

    Lifestyles full of bad diets with plenty chemical-ridden processed foods...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Mar 11, 2013|

    Can Vitamin B12 Be TOXIC?

    Does the "Type" of Vitamin B12 make a Difference?

    Cyanocobalamin is the most common form of Vitamin B12. This is the form that is usually in multivitamins and B-complexes and is thought to be nearly the best form of Vitamin B12.

    However, cyanocobalamin is also thought to be the less-then optimal form of Vitamin B12.

    This is because cyanocobalamin is a synthetic form of Vitamin B12, which does not occur in normally in nature...

    ...In order for the conversion to take place; it means the release of its cyanide bond. Of course, cyanide is a poisontoxic...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jan 5, 2013|

    Lucid Dreaming

    Why Everyone Should Learn to Lucid Dream

    By Guest Writer, Kerry McGlone

    Imagine, you’re exploring emotions and things that you never thought were possible. You have the opportunity to control everything that goes on, and you have the power to change anything. You’re exploring crazy ideas as if you were doing it in real life; however, you’re merely dreaming.

    Is there a monster chasing you as you lucid dream? No worries – with the power of your mind, you can dismiss that monster, and completely modify the dream just the way you want it. So, instead of being chased by a monster, you can become an actor being chased by hundreds of fans!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jul 2, 2014|

    ATTENTION! Are Energy Drinks Dangerous For Your Health!

    In today’s culture, we have become transfixed on anything that can make us feel something as fast as possible, and for the most part, we have the medical system to blame for it.

    For example, there are countless ads on TV marketing prescription sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and even ads for more powerful anti-depressants... just in case your regular anti-depressant isn't working. Then, is the popular ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ with his powerful words of "health wisdom" marketing anti-heartburn medicine. After all, who has the time to change their poor diet habits when a little pill will “fix” their uncomfortable burn - instantly!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jun 11, 2014|

    Parasite Detox & The Healing Crisis

    L-Ornithine’s Unique Function With Detoxing Parasites

    Parasite detox has become slowly more popular here in the U.S., but has been long used as a prevention tool in other countries such as Australia, European, South America and Asian countries for decades; if not centuries.

    Most people believe the U.S., perpetuated by our medical profession, need not worry when it comes to parasitic infections as those from other countries.

    This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    A common complaint when someone is attemping to do a parasitic detox, is experiencing what’s known as

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jun 9, 2014|

    Are Natural Healthcare Professionals Quacks?

    The Truth Behind This Fabricated Label!

    The truth is, it is nearly impossible to change a person’s premise when it is trenched deep within their psyche.

    This has been the way of things since mankind begun his journey into the world of exploration and discovery.

    Unfortunately, man’s quest for truth and advancement is sometimes overshadowed by his equally strong drive for dominance due to the ever so powerful ego.

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jun 5, 2014|

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