• ALS Does NOT Have to Be a Death Sentence!

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    You have probably seen a friend of yours accept the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook, or perhaps you have done the challenge yourself.

    ... but were you aware that natural cures do exist, and that there are many people who were diagnosed with this disease who have even REVERSED it? Something that conventional medicine says is impossible...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 25, 2014|

    Spicy Turmeric & Garlic Crusted Chicken

    Healthy and Extremely Flavorful!

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    This has to be one of my most favorite recipes that I created awhile back! Packed with flavor, high in nutrition, and loaded with anti-inflammatory properties!  What more could you ask for?

    The key ingredients are Turmeric, Garlic, and Cayenne:

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 26, 2014|

    Emotional Stress & Disease

    Does Emotional Stress Effect Your Health?

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    Does emotional stress have real health implications on the human body?

    Well, most of us would say absolutely it does! Even health experts from both traditional and holistic medicine agree that emotional stress is a major cause of most health problems in our society today...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 22, 2014|

    Stress! Is There A Vitamin Deficiency Link?

    Could Vitamin B5 Be The Answer?

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    ...Not only do we worry about everything, we worry about things that have already happened, might happen, and things that will or won’t even happen tomorrow!

    We worry about own problems, our family’s, and our friend’s problems. We love to worry so much, we even worry about people we don’t know!...

    ...we take antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, sleeping meds, high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, and let’s not forget our anti-acids, anti-constipation or ant-diarrhea meds, anti-heart burn, and of course, anti-pain meds.

    All of these actually cause more stress on the body!

    And ultimately when you run out of “med” options, what will do you do then?

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 21, 2014|

    The Power of The Placebo Effect!

    What “Real” Science hopes you never know!

    The more we learn about power of the mind, the more we find that it far greater than we could have ever imagined! And luckily, people are now waking up to this reality, and are now starting to take control of their own lives – 100% naturally!

    Do you believe in the Power of the Mind?

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 15, 2014|

    WARNING: Toxic Yellow #5 Food Dye May Be In Your Food!

    Why Isn't The FDA Concerned?

    Despite the overwhelming amount of research siting the health dangers of yellow #5 (artificial food dye), and other commonly used food dyes, the FDA still doesn't feel it is necessary to ban them (as many other countries have), or to at least put warning labels on the food and drinks that contain them.

    However, interestingly...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 15, 2014|

    Insomnia, Depression & Anxiety

    Know The Facts!

    In today's fast-paced society, it isn't any wonder that so many people suffer from depression. And, is the answer to this modern day epidemic really found with pharmaceuticals?

    The answer is unmistakably NO!

    Depression is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem. The general health of America (and other countries) has been on a dramatic decline due to chronic exposure to multiple stressors...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 14, 2014|

    Is Big Pharma Fueling Depression?

    Natural Cure for Depression Silenced!

    "The overall improvement in scores on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale was significantly greater for inositol than for placebo at week 4. No changes were noted in hematology or in kidney or liver function...

    ...inositol had a significant antidepressant effect in this study..."

    Haven't heard of it? Well don't feel bad...most medical doctors haven't either!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 13, 2014|

    Vitamin B12 & MS Link?

    Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Vitamin B12 Deficiency? 

    Is there a connection between multiple sclerosis (MS) and Vitamin B12 deficiency?

    You bet there is!

    And I was surprised to learn how many MS patients as well as doctors had no clue about studies being done in this area...

    ...Imagine if Vitamin B12 therapy made the difference between sickness and health for some (if not many) MS patients?...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 10, 2014|

    Self Awareness and Lucid Dreaming

    5 Ways to Improve Self Awareness in Lucid Dreams

    Self awareness is essential to every lucid dreamer. Self awareness for lucid dreaming is defined to be conscious of feelings and emotions through your dream. Having the ability to become self aware in a dream is what makes lucid dreams possible. You can become aware of your surroundings, your feelings and your desires enabling endless possibilities within the lucid dream.

    I am going to share with you 5 methods you can become more self aware in both reality, and in your dreams.

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 7, 2014|

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