• Does The FDA Want You Sick?

    Animal Feed Has More Nutrition Than FDA Approved Nutrition For Humans! 

    If the FDA doesn't endorse adding vital nutrients such as thiamine, choline and vitamin B12 in their approved mixtures of so-called total nutrition even after their own research proves the prevention and/or cure of dangerous health conditions with those nutrients, then...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Apr 22, 2014|

    Smoking Linked to Poor Spine Health

    Is it worth the pain?

    It is said that everybody has at least one vice, but when it comes to smoking we are talking about a vice that is incredibly destructive not only to your heart and lungs as we traditionally think, but it is also very damaging to your bones and spine!

    When it comes to conditions such as osteoporosis and compression fractures, the first thing that comes to mind is a calcium deficiency; however, did you know that a link has been made between those conditions and smoking?

    And not only that, smoking has also been linked to vertebral disc disease, slow wound/injury healing and back pain.

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Apr 15, 2014|

    Are You Getting Enough Vitamin A?

    Which Form of Vitamin A is the Best -

    Beta-Carotene or Retinol?

    “The safest way to get Vitamin A is from beta-carotene,” has become the latest mantra sparking the beta-carotene vs. retinol debate (ad nauseum) on many health blogs lately.

    Unfortunately, there are strong opinions that are actually based on special-interest-based science, rather than on human biology and chemistry.

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Mar 10, 2014|

    Standard Process Supplements

    Why I No Longer Take Certain SP Supplements

    Standard Process has been a respected Wisconsin based supplement company for over 70 years. They promote their products as Whole Food supplements and advertise that this is a far healthier option than synthetic supplements commonly sold today. And of course, I would agree.

    They have their own organic farm on the premises, and thus, these organic ingredients are used in their products.

    I have to admit that this all sounds pretty awesome!

    I mean, who would be against organic whole food supplements? I sure am not. In fact, I personally take many of their products... That is Until

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Mar 7, 2014|

    Cancer and the Real Prevention

    Cancer Miracle?

    ...Yet, staying true to medical status quo, the public will be kept in the dark (once again) about an inexpensive, real preventive natural treatment that likely would cure an illness that plagues millions.



    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Mar 5, 2014|

    Monsanto’s Mission To Pharmaceutically Enhance Foods


    Genetically Modified Foods to be Pharmaceutically Enhanced!

    Announced on August 28, 2012 Monsanto and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. formed a “Strategic Alliance”...


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jan 31, 2014|

    Chronic Headache Syndrome?

    “Normal” headaches?

    Chronic Headache Syndrome is a fairly new “syndrome” as classified by modern medicine (or should I say, as classified by pharmaceutical companies!)

    As a chiropractor, I have had too many patients complaining about neck and/or low back pain, and when I ask them if they experience headaches, I am always shocked to hear this response, “…well, sure I have headaches…but that’s normal for me.”

    “Normal” headaches?

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jan 28, 2014|


    Healthcare Freedom Revolution: Exposing the Lies, Deceit and Greed of the Medical Profession

    After being desperately sick with a diagnosis of MS ten years ago, I knew I had to find the answers to these questions myself. I needed to regain my health and Take Back Control of My Life!

    I was not prepared to discover how much medical corruption existed, and how this corruption has lead to

    Total Manipulation of People's Health!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jan 21, 2014|

    CONFIRMED: Celery Really Does Reduce Blood Pressure!

    Add celery to your grocery shopping list! 

    Back in 1992, a study to determine if celery did reduce blood pressure suggested that it was highly likely due to a chemical found in celery – Phthalide

    Researchers found that phthalide lowered blood pressure by relaxing smooth muscles that line the blood vessels.

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Dec 31, 2013|

    Aspartame causes Brain Tumors

    This Poison Should Be Banned!

    Aspartame causes Brain Tumors. Russel L. Blaylock, M.D.; Board-Certified Neurosurgeon Speaks The Truth

    If you still drink diet sodas...I strongly urge you to stop!

    And please read labels...this poison is in over 6000 products on the market!!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Dec 28, 2013|

    Dogma & Misinformation: A Fatal Mixture in Healthcare

    “Dogmatic Delusional Disorder (DDD)”

    Our society is sicker, and far more drug dependent, than ever before. Yet, few people are asking the obvious questions.

    • Why are we so sick with new diseases and syndromes each year?
    • Why the need for prescription drugs on top of more prescription drugs?

    And fewer still are asking the most obvious question of all:

    Could all this sickness be due to health deficiencies caused by: air pollution, contaminated oceans, nutrition deprived processed and fast foods, nutrition stripped over-farmed soil, and genetically modified foods? 

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Nov 14, 2013|

    Search for the CURE?

    Will Scientists Ever Find A "Cure"?

    What would happen if the Cancer industry admitted there was a CURE for cancer? There are hundreds of thousands of people who have been cured of cancer via “alternative” methods, however many of those methods have been banned by the FDA and proclaimed as “unsafe”.

    Of course, oddly enough, chemo and radiation are undoubtedly two of the most dangerous treatments offered by modern medicine today!

    But what about a cure for cancer? Is it possible that a cure(s) already exist?

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Apr 17, 2013|

    Genetically Programmed for Disease?

    Modern Medicine says, "Blame it on your Genes!"

    Modern medicine would have you believe that genetically, we are all predetermined to have poor health or some type of disease sooner or later in life. That  it's "out of our hands" and the only means of relief (and perhaps some life extension) is only by what they deem to be scientifically sound - pharmaceutical drugs (FDA approved of course!)

    It is funny to me how there is one major component conveniently missing when "medical healthcare experts" discuss major diseases like cancer and heart disease.

    The poisons that we are exposed on a daily basis!

    Lifestyles full of bad diets with plenty chemical-ridden processed foods...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Mar 11, 2013|

    Can Vitamin B12 Be TOXIC?

    Does the "Type" of Vitamin B12 make a Difference?

    Cyanocobalamin is the most common form of Vitamin B12. This is the form that is usually in multivitamins and B-complexes and is thought to be nearly the best form of Vitamin B12.

    However, cyanocobalamin is also thought to be the less-then optimal form of Vitamin B12.

    This is because cyanocobalamin is a synthetic form of Vitamin B12, which does not occur in normally in nature...

    ...In order for the conversion to take place; it means the release of its cyanide bond. Of course, cyanide is a poisontoxic...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jan 5, 2013|

    Sweet Potato Smoothie!

    Awesome Smoothie that helps get rid of Ulcers!


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Feb 22, 2014|

    Natural Isn’t Always Natural!

    All "Natural" Fat Free Creamer or

    Organic Half & Half?

    That's kind-of stretching the word "natural" don't you think? I guess in a way...rubber bands are natural, after all they are made from products from earth - one way or another, but I wouldn't want to eat any!

    Mono and diglycerides are a bit controversial. Did you know that these are mainly made from GMO soy beans?(and many - including myself - would argue that GMOs are NOT natural)

    Another controversial ingredient is carrageenan, which is now known to cause GI issues, inflammation and allergies.

    Not to mention how it is made!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Feb 18, 2014|

    GMOs are Inherently Unsafe

    Genetically Modified Foods…Are they safe?

    Evidence says...NO!

    Before the FDA decided to allow GMOs into food without labeling, FDA scientists had repeatedly warned that GM foods can create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects, including allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems.

    They urged long-term safety studies, but were ignored.

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Feb 7, 2014|

    Dr. Árpád Pusztai & GMO’s

    A Whistleblowing Hero!

    Dr. Árpád Pusztai is known for his controversial discovery that GM potatoes actually cause damage to the intestines and immune systems of rats. His now famous words with anti-GMO groups are,

    "If I had the choice I would certainly not eat it … I find it's very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs."

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Feb 7, 2014|

    Have We Lost All Common Sense?

    When did we become a society of, "Please just tell me what to do?"

    Once amazingly self-sufficient and full of common sense, we now depend upon the hundreds of theories surrounding everything from how we should eat, how we should move to how we should think. And all based on "research"!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Feb 7, 2014|
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