• Subtleties of Life: Where Are They Leading You?

    Are you living YOUR life?

    Subtleties are a double edged sword. On one hand, they are truly the key of inner guidance, however on another hand if these subtleties go unnoticed, they can slowly take you far from where you thought you would be in life.

    Have you ever thought, “How did I get here? This wasn't how my life was supposed to be!”

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 30, 2014|

    Coumadin Still Prescribed Despite the Black Box Warnings!

    Is There A Natural Alternative To Coumadin?

    For some reason, doctors would have you believe that Warfarin (Coumadin) is the better and safer choice over Vitamin E therapy for the prevention of strokes.

    Unfortunately, there simply aren't many medical doctors who even bother to read the research supporting Vitamin E over Coumadin. Instead, they continue to stay true to the pharmaceutical companies despite the hundreds of thousands of deaths that occur yearly because of it...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 30, 2014|

    Aspartame: Deadly Toxin!

    Aspartame Induced Arrhythmia's and Sudden Death!

    Do you (or someone you know) have heart issues and drink diet drinks, use artificial sweeteners like Equal/NutraSweet ( aspartame), or Splenda (sucralose - as bad as aspartame)? 

    You might want to take a look at this:

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 29, 2014|

    Could the “Disease Gene” be Linked to Processed Food?

    Is Campbell’s “Healthy Request” REALLY Healthy?

    ...and could so-called "healthy foods" such as this one, be the true cause of the "Disease Gene"?

    In the article,  'Is it really Genetic or is it “Life-Styletic”?', I talked about how the government does not support real cures for health conditions such as: diabetes, autoimmune, cardiovascular, cancer and obesity.

    Instead, their premise lays with supporting Big Pharma, and now more recently...

    Genetics - The latest blame for these diseases! 

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 29, 2014|

    Homemade Mustard Detox Bath!

    Be prepared for a great night's sleep!

    We could all do with a comforting detox bath from time to time. Especially if you have:
    • Stress
    • Tension
    • Congestion
    • Muscle & Joint Soreness
    • Fatigue
    • Insomnia
    Simply mix:
    • 1 Cup Baking Soda
    • 1/4 Cup Mustard Powder
    • 2- 4 Tsp Cayenne Powder
    • 10 Drops Thyme Essential Oil 
    • 10 Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil 
    • 10 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
    • 10 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    Makes enough for 2-4 Baths

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 29, 2014|
    • Bipolar-Disorder Cure
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      Natural Treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Alzheimer’s Ignored!

    Natural Treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Alzheimer’s Ignored!

    Why Lithium Orotate is Superior and SAFER than Lithium Carbonate

    (For your convenience, this article has an Audio MP3 option!)

    You may find references to a 1979 study on the internet comparing lithium carbonate and lithium orotate regarding kidney function and safety.

    There have been many studies since, but pro-pharmaceutical advocates love to spew out faulty data arguing its validity. So let’s be very clear, once and for all, regarding the truth behind this highly quoted study.

    It’s all about Bioavailability...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 22, 2014|

    Is Big Pharma Fueling Depression?

    Natural Cure for Depression Silenced!

    "The overall improvement in scores on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale was significantly greater for inositol than for placebo at week 4. No changes were noted in hematology or in kidney or liver function...

    ...inositol had a significant antidepressant effect in this study..."

    Haven't heard of it? Well don't feel bad...most medical doctors haven't either!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 21, 2014|

    WARNING: Toxic Yellow #5 Food Dye May Be In Your Food!

    Why Isn't The FDA Concerned?

    Despite the overwhelming amount of research siting the health dangers of yellow #5 (artificial food dye), and other commonly used food dyes, the FDA still doesn't feel it is necessary to ban them (as many other countries have), or to at least put warning labels on the food and drinks that contain them.

    However, interestingly...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 21, 2014|

    The Lost Fertility Vitamin

    Forgotten Fertility Study

    Despite the research that has been done regarding PABA, once pharmaceutical drugs started to become the status quo, much of this fertility research was lost and forgotten.

    One such forgotten study, was the 1942 study where it was reported that twelve out of sixteen infertile women became pregnant after taking 100 mg of PABA four times per day for three-seven months. That's a success rate of 75%!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 20, 2014|

    Why is Trisodium Phosphate in Our Food?

    Using the example of Banana Nut Cheerios, let’s just for a minute... forget that there are GM ingredients in this cereal,  and let’s also forget that it contains A LOT of sugar...check this out:
    • Sugar
    • Brown Sugar Syrup
    • Corn Syrup
    …and if that wasn't enough sugar, it also has
    • Dried Corn Syrup
    (Yeah..."Heart Healthy Cereal" ...wink- wink)

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 13, 2014|

    Beware of “Power” Products Sold in Health Food Stores!

    “Healthy isn’t the same for everyone,” so said a manager of a Local Vitamin Store

    (For your convenience, this article has an Audio MP3 option!)

    There’s something I’ve wanted to write about for some time now, and after hearing, “Healthy isn’t the same for everyone”, from a manager of a local Vitamin Store, I couldn’t put this off any longer.

    It all started a few weeks ago when I was graciously given a goody bag of samples from the Vitamin Store, so I could later give my feedback on the products. My little bag was loaded with samples of protein, power drinks, power bars, selective vitamins, and a few other interesting items.

    After I got home, I emptied my bag on the kitchen table and began to sift through all the products. Some of the samples I recognized immediately and knew they were quality products, while others I found questionable and needed to do a bit of investigation;

    Specifically regarding the “power” products...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 10, 2014|

    Our Food Has Been Hijacked!

    Quality of Food is More Important than the Type of Food

    Health is so fragile. We were never meant to eat so many artificial chemicals in our food such as: food dyes, artificial sugars, additives, waxes, radiation, GMO's, pesticides, and the list goes on and on...

    In my opinion, it is not as important what type of "diet" you follow, as it is the QUALITY of food in that diet!

    Whether vegan, vegetarian, paleo and/or anything in between, simply consume organic whole foods...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 2, 2014|

    Flu Shot Irony!

    "Stay Healthy", but consume Toxic Products?

    I shot this photo in a local grocery store. The irony is staggering!

    On an obviously Coca-Cola owned refrigerator located at the checkout area, with the popular cola products inside of it, as well as, Coca-Cola owned DaSani products – DaSani Drops; a product that adds flavor to water…and a lot more than that (IE. Chemicals)….

    There was an interesting sticker got my attention!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Sep 25, 2014|

    Arthritis Cure Found in Nature!

    Trace Mineral Boron Linked to Low Incidence of Arthritis

    Research regarding the trace mineral boron and the connection to arthritis finally starting to see the light of day!

    Interestingly, this correlation was found in other areas as well.

    • He found that in Israel, where boron is in high concentration in the soil, the incidence of arthritis was as low as 1-7%.
    • Compared to the U.S., New Zealand and other parts of Australia where the incidence of arthritis is higher; 20%.

    ...and he had found that in certain areas of Australia, where drinking water contained high levels of boron, there were no incidence of arthritis in humans and animals!


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Sep 10, 2014|

    ALS Does NOT Have to Be a Death Sentence!

    (For your convenience, this article has an Audio MP3 option!)

    You have probably seen a friend of yours accept the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook, or perhaps you have done the challenge yourself.

    ... but were you aware that natural cures do exist, and that there are many people who were diagnosed with this disease who have even REVERSED it? Something that conventional medicine says is impossible...

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Aug 25, 2014|

    Antipsychotics for ADHD?

    Is this the future for our children?

    (For your convenience, this article has an Audio MP3 option!)

    Since 1990, according to some estimates, there has been a 300% increase with pharmaceuticals used to treat children diagnosed with ADHD.

    Now doesn't that statement alone scream that there is something wrong with our medical establishment?

    It seems the trend is not to question why so many children (and adults) are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but instead to simply keep developing more drugs to counteract the "symptoms".

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Jul 1, 2014|

    Dr. Árpád Pusztai & GMO’s

    A Whistle-blowing Hero!

    Dr. Árpád Pusztai is known for his controversial discovery that GM potatoes actually cause damage to the intestines and immune systems of rats. His now famous words with anti-GMO groups are,

    "If I had the choice I would certainly not eat it … I find it's very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs."

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Feb 7, 2014|

    Vitamin C and Kidney Stones?

    Myth Proven Wrong

    Despite all high-dose Vitamin C used by Dr. Linus Pauling in his research, there was never an incident of kidney stones.

    In fact, the following long-term study supported this observation:

    A report of 85,557 women over a 14-year study period and the development of kidney stones was published in April 1999 inThe Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

    The conclusion of the study stated the following:


    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 25, 2014|

    Chiropractic Works! Truth or Fiction?

    Setting The Record Straight!

    To use a modern computer term, when it comes to chiropractic, there are the unfortunate few who simply have not “updated” their old program.

    In other words, they are continuing to base their dogma on out-dated information.

    And to make matters worse, many of them have become self-proclaimed advocates against the “charlatanism” of chiropractic by making it their mission to inform and educate “the naïve” about the “quackery and scam” of the chiropractor.

    It’s important to note that many of these "advocates" aren’t even sure of why they believe chiropractic is quackery!

    By: Online Holistic Health | Author: |Oct 22, 2014|

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